The future of water treatment is responsible and renewable. The IX Eco Filtration system is infinitely reusable and rechargeable, meaning less cost to you and the planet. 




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Introducing The IX Range

One Head. Complete Control.

The iX Variable Head enables unprecedented bypass control and clarity. Featuring an additional micron rated carbon bypass which ensures no nasty odours or metal particles are present – regardless of bypass level. The independent bypass remains available during filter changes for zero-disruption servicing. 

Buy Once. Save Forever.

Infinitely reusable casing and head ensure minimum waste and replacement costs. The internal filter is recharged and reused, contributing to a truly circular economy. Meaning less ongoing cost to the planet and your profit. 

A New Vision For Water Treatment

The next generation of the game-changing IX Eco Filtration system. The IX focuses on re-use – rather than recycling – meaning you should never have to completely replace your filter. Paired with our regenerative mangrove programme, we believe the IX is the most environmentally friendly filter on the planet. 

Regenerating Mangroves

Regenerating Mangroves

“The environmental credentials are exactly what 17 Grams Coffee and our customers want in a filter.”

Our IX Cafe is optimised to deliver quality water that creates the perfect foundation for great-tasting coffee. The carbon filtration element removes odours and sediment that can negatively affect flavour. At the same time, the ion exchange resin helps create a mineral balance that improves extraction and protects your coffee equipment.

“Parts Town UK are proud to work with our OEM partners, innovatively stocking the new range of eco sustainable filters from one of the leading UK filter manufacturers...”

Our IX Steam is optimised for catering equipment such as combi ovens, pasta cookers and boilers where limescale protection is vital to long service life.

“At Wellness Stores, we are constantly looking for products and partners that align with our sustainability ethos. IX Water are a perfect match for this.”

Our IX Ice & Vend Filters delivers treated water that produces better-tasting drinks and improved ice clarity and formulation for better beverages. Our scale-inhibiting technology maximises your ice and vend machines’ energy efficiency and overall lifespan.

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